Hotel Yugoslavia

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Nikšić – city of youth, big heart and traditional hospitality is enriched with one more hotel facility.

Hotel Yugoslavia is located in the urban part of Niksic, but at the same time isolated from city crowds, five minutes on foot from the main city center.

After hotel Trebjesa in Niksic and hotel Helada in Tivat, Helada Mont opened one more representative hospitality object – hotel Yugoslavia. Continuing with well-known policy of high standards in hotel and hospitality industry. With big investment in reconstruction of hotel Sindcel, we present this facility with great honor as a confirmation of our effort and unique ideas. Hotel carries the name of former country and great ideals. Symbolically we associate this name with greater times of true values. Hotel Yugoslavia, located in the town under the hill Trebjesa is the ideal place for people that don’t like to build walls and are open for new adventures and acquaintances. We tried to revive and convey the idea through the entire interior of the hotel. Through the hotel premises, visitors will be able to remember and enjoy the motifs and paintings of celebrated music, film and sports legends of former Yugoslavia. Together, we will revive memories of one small film nation, a sports superpower and musical ideals.

Rooms and Apartments

Hotel facilites:

De lux Apartment (3+1)
Studio Apartment (3+1)
Standard Room (king size bed)
Standard Room (twin beds)
Standard room (single bed)
Lounge bar – Club 213
Conference room
Free parking
Garage (for motorcycles and bicycles)
Free Wi-Fi


Intimate vanity with traditional and sophisticated interior. Walls are decorated with photos of movie stars and scenes from legendary Yugoslav movies, which will impress every visitor upon entrance. The first impression is the most important, and we believe that we made the right choice. Our professional team will make your visit to the restaurant complete. We paid special attention to the menu and the choice of dishes. The accent is put on visual creativity and taste harmony of the dishes that we serve. Traditional cuisine in Montenegro is created from many different cultures that were present in this area throughout the time. In the restaurant, beside traditional dishes such as cicvara and kacamak, you can try Mediterranean fish dishes and the specialty of the house which is symbolically connected with the name of Yugoslavia. Macedonian T-bone steak, Ljubljana steak, Zagrebian chicken amongst many dishes that will wake up your taste buds.

MILKY crepes/pancake house

If you have a sweet tooth or love pancakes, this is the perfect place for you. From the diverse assortment that you can find on our menu, you can choose fillings and toppings to create the perfect sour or sweet crepe/pancake. Milky is always the right choice.


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+382 40 283 100


Danila Bojovica bb, Nikšić 81400, Montenegro